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Nothing beats a catapult for baiting accurately and efficiently with a wide variety of baits. Fishtec's small range of Catapults offer your the best value for money products you can find! The Hardwear catapult pack offers a selection of different sizes for depositing different amounts of bait.
Guru Incredible Catapult

Guru Incredible Catapult


This brutish, distance ‘pult is the big daddy of the catapult world.

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1 reviews

Korda Katapults

Korda Katapults


Korda Katapults is light robust and possesses a set of features that help it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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5 reviews

Guru Catapult

Guru Catapult


Guru say this is the most versatile catapult available today and here’s why.

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no reviews