TF Gear Delta Tri-Tip Boat Rod

No matter which of the three ‘tips’ you select it would be no exaggeration to describe the feel of the TF Gear Delta Tri-Tip Boat Rod as ‘delightful’. With a warm, feel-good 30” Duplon handle and custom locking reel seat you might immediately wonder how it is possible to engage with a battling deep-sea bruiser with such a light rod – then you put it through its paces and realise that, in fact, you’re handling 8 feet of carefully tapered fighting-power: its weight is totally irrelevant. Once you’re out there, use the 10lb tip to really enjoy the pull of the bream, the bass, reef pollack, flatties and codling, then step up to the 20lb tip for the lifting power you’ll need for the bigger bass and cod, pollack and ling. Another day you’ll be wreck-fishing or drifting over sandy shallows and in need of a very different rod so you’ll be glad of the 30lb section to bring those marine heavyweights to the surface: coalfish, conger, rays, tope... The TF Gear Delta Tri-Tip Boat Rod will handle any species commonly found around the British Isles – and some more. Effectively 3 rods with a common butt, each section features a bright fluoro top of green, orange or white and carries 9 braid friendly SiC guides whipped and further secured with a tough, durable finish.

  • TF Gear Delta Tri-Tip Boat Rod