Beach rods, Boat rods, Bass and flattie rods, and more. Take your pick from any of our excellent video demos and tutorials. Watch as our experts give you the low down on some of our best selling sea rods here at Fishtec. Don't make a final decision until you've taken the opportunity to compare the different makes and models within our superb range of sea fishing rods. Fishtec TV - the best fishing tackle, demonstrated by experts.

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Shakespeare Sigma Boat Rod

Play 955 views

Shakespeare Sigma Bass Rod

Play 1192 views

Shakespeare Sigma Beachcasters Rod

Play 1174 views

Shakespeare Agility Boat Rod

Play 1159 views

Shakespeare Agility Flattie and Bass

Play 1055 views

TF Gear Delta Beach Caster Allrounder Match

Play 1012 views

TF Gear Delta 12ft Bass and Flattie Rod

Play 1686 views

TF Gear Bluestrike Rod

Play 1538 views

TF Gear Delta Boat Rod

Play 1263 views

TF Gear Banshee Tri Tip Boat 3 Rods in 1

Play 1530 views

Sonik SKS Beach Rods

Play 1390 views

Sonik NCT Beach Rods

Play 977 views

TF Gear Delta Beach Caster Rods

Play 1478 views

TF Gear Force 8 Continental Rod

Play 1015 views

TF Gear Delta SLIK TIP Rod

Play 1345 views

TF Gear Delta 12ft Bass and Flattie Rod

Play 205 views

TF Gear Delta Tri-Tip Boat Rod

Play 1064 views