TF Gear Force 8 Lure Vest

Lure fishing and LRF is all about travelling light, hitting marks and moving off to the next quickly, this is where the Force 8 lure vest comes into its own. The double front pockets are perfect for your essential lure, jig boxes and accessories while the large backpack is ideal for your larger items, food and even clothing, 2 extra side pockets have been added allowing you to carry everything you need for a day’s lure session. The adjustable design allows the vest to be perfectly fitted and balanced around the angler’s body making it safer and letting you get on with your fishing. If you need to travel even lighter the front half of the vest can be removed leaving just the backpack. The colours offer a smart modern look while still providing a highly visual appearance, essential for safety.

  • TF Gear Force 8 Lure Vest