Looking for a new fly fishing reel, but not quite sure what to go for? You've come to the right place. Here at Fishtec TV, we've put together a great selection of demonstrations of our best selling fishing reels. Watch as our experts carefully explain the manufacture and function of all your favourite reels. See how the different reels compare. Watch some of our favourite fly fishing reels in action. It's almost as good as trying before you buy - the best way to make your final fishing reel selection!

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Airflo Switch Black Cassette Reels

Play 1606 views

Airflo Sniper Fly Reel

Play 1520 views

Airflo Xceed Fly Reel

Play 1407 views

Airflo Switch Pro Reels

Play 3652 views

Orvis Hydros LA

Play 1446 views

Hardy Ultralite CLS Cassette Reels

Play 1593 views

Vision Koma Fly Reel

Play 1940 views

Greys GX900 Reels

Play 1724 views

Loop Xact Reel

Play 1881 views

Wychwood Flow Reel

Play 1830 views

Wychwood River & Stream Reels

Play 308 views

Hardy Ultralite CC Reel

Play 1875 views

Hardy Ultralite DD Reel

Play 1575 views

Orvis Mirage Large Arbour Reel

Play 1197 views

Airflo Delta Fly Reel

Play 1832 views

Airflo Classic Cassette Reel

Play 1992 views

Airflo Airtec Fly Reel

Play 1306 views

Sonik SK3 Cassette Reel

Play 1451 views

Guideline Quadra Fly Reels

Play 3281 views

Guideline Haze Reels

Play 1257 views

Loop Opti Fly Reel Series

Play 1435 views

Loop Multi Fly Reel

Play 1276 views

Greys GX300 Reels

Play 2021 views

Airflo Sniper Fly Reel

Play 221 views

Airflo Xceed Fly Reel

Play 349 views

Hardy Ultralite DD Reels from Fishtec

Play 905 views

Hardy Duchess Fly Fishing Reel

Play 939 views

Scierra Traxion 3 fly reel

Play 738 views

Scierra Traxion 2 fly reels from Fishtec

Play 707 views