Not all fishing rods are equal. That's why here at Fishtec TV, we decided to pull together a comprehensive collection of video clips and demonstrations of some of our best selling carp rods. Find the ideal carp rod to suit your favourite tactics right here. Sit back and watch as our experts run you through the features of each rod. See the rods in action before you make your final decision. Our videos are the nearest thing to trying before you buy. What are you waiting for?

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TF Gear Delta NT Carp Rods

Play 2595 views

TF Gear N-Tec Carp Rods

Play 985 views

Greys Prodigy GT3 Rods

Play 1395 views

Sonik SKS Rods

Play 1207 views

Sonik SK4 XTR Marker and Spod Rods

Play 1490 views

Daiwa Infinity DF Carp Rods

Play 1159 views

TF Gear Project X Carp Rods

Play 1086 views

Classic Rods

Play 1224 views

TF Gear Project X Carp 3lb and 3.25lb Rods

Play 1672 views

TF Gear Banshee Stalker Rod

Play 1162 views

TF Gear Compact Commercial 10 2.5lb Carp Rods

Play 837 views

Greys Prodigy GT5 Rods

Play 1941 views

Sonik SK4 XTR Rods

Play 1212 views

Sonik SK4 XTR Rods 50mm

Play 1613 views

Sonik SK3 XTR Rods 50mm

Play 1329 views

Daiwa Infinity Rods

Play 1025 views

TF Gear Compact 10 Nan-Tec Carp Rod

Play 623 views

TF Gear N-Tec Carp Rods

Play 394 views

Free Spirit CTX Carp Rods from Fishtec

Play 1057 views

Free Spirit CTX creeper rods from Fishtec

Play 1371 views

Free Spirit E Class Gold Carp Rods

Play 1346 views

TF gear DL black edition carp rods from Fishtec

Play 787 views