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Dynamite Complex-T

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Dynamite wanted Terry Hearn to develop a bait he would use anywhere, have 100% confidence in addition to being beneficial to the overall health of carp. Terry himself wanted a subtle bait with lower flavour levels, a coarse and open texture that would break down quickly and be easily digested by the carp.

Complex-T has been created using the best quality ingredients including Norwegian LT94 fishmeal, Haith’s birdfood and Robin Red, pre-digested liver extract, spirulina and high nucleotide yeast. With its soft open texture for maximum leakage (just put some in a glass of water and watch what happens) and with no artificial colours or flavours Dynamite and Terry believe they have created a bait that will catch on any water and ultimately stand the test of time.

Part of its success is that it’s readily accepted as natural food and is easily digested all year round – a true food bait that will take your carp fishing to the next level.

With the inclusion of an exclusive and specially developed feed trigger added to the complex and complete nutritional profile, the response we have witnessed to the bait over the last 18 months during field testing has been mind blowing.

The result is a complex, deep but subtle fishmeal meaty boilie.

Included in the range are a wide range of boilie sizes, foodbait pop-ups and fluro pop-ups with liquid boosters, fluro pop-up in 10mm and 15mm come with dumbbells. To combat the attention of nuisance species hardened hook baits are available with mixed sizes in one pot. Corkball foodbait pop-ups and fluro pop-ups are also available in 15mm along with wafters of the same size. Two dedicated liquids, a 500ml rehydration liquid, designed to cut into baits as they soak or to apply to pellets and spod mixes etc and a thick sticky dip developed to coat your hook baits and leave a highly attractive scent trail once submerged.

Complex Ingredients

Complex-T is a real all year round big fish bait, created using the highest quality ingredients – but what exactly do these ingredients bring?

LT94 fishmeal is regarded as one of the best fish meals available, heat treated to a low temperature enables it to keep a greater nutritional value and amino acid profile. This fishmeal is 72% protein and highly digestible, a key part of Complex-T.

Due to the high protein levels of this fishmeal, it has superb binding properties allowing Dynamite to produce bait with an open texture that still holds together and can be put out using a throwing stick. Once the bait is out in the water it will quickly breakdown releasing its feed signals.

Liver based bait is something that Terry Hearn has wanted for a long time and when Dynamite showed him the new pre-digested liver powder his eyes lit up. Adding this to the mix resulted in a deep meaty aroma which really excited the whole Dynamite team.

Dynamite didn’t want anything unnecessarily artificial to the bait so they sourced natural ingredients that would change the baits colour – spirulina was perfect for this darkening it off nicely and bringing nutritional benefits as well.

Rich in amino acids, Histidine, Leucine, Phenylalanine and Valine added to an already high protein content and also provides a good source of vitamins C & D – supporting and enhancing the immune system and contributing to disease resistance.

Antarctic Krill meal has a strong pungent aroma and salty taste which carp find so attractive. It has a coarse texture allowing higher leakage of attractors into the water. Dynamite have added this proven additive to sit alongside the LT94, giving the bait even more depth. The Krill meal in Complex-T has a protein content of over 60% and high essential amino acids and omega 3, a primary energy source that aids the absorption of fat soluble vitamins helping growth and tissue repair.

Haith’s CLO was chosen as the main bird food to help with the open texture to help release all the attractors into the swim and not locking them inside. The CLO also brings added crunch and texture with oil rich seeds, cod liver oil and egg biscuit to help the binding of the bait and meant that it was not necessary to include synthetic chemical flavours, keeping everything as natural as possible resulting in a bait that will not ‘blow’.

Adding yeast brings a unique rich meaty aroma to add to the liver resulting in a powerful natural attractant which improves gut function and digestion by promoting the growth if beneficial bacteria. Haith’s Robin Red brings a deep red colour to a bait, so Dynamite uses a smaller quantity to avoid changing the natural subtle colour. The coarse oily texture of Robin Red complemented by its unique small and sweet spicy taste make a superb all year round fish attractor.

Fenugreek is another classic ingredient suggested by Terry Hearn; this has been included for its taste rather than smell and is added to make the carp keep returning for more.

Another natural ingredient regarded as feed stimulant by many is garlic powder; this compliments the already savoury smell of the bait and adds a mellow creamy back note to the deep smell.

The final result a naturally quite soft bait due to its water soluble attractors, this really opens the bait up in both warm water and in cold water where the bait continues to work very well unlike many other high oil fishmeal’s – the soft open texture and high quality natural ingredients make the bait irresistible to carp ensuring they readily accept it, seek it out and keep eating it.

FC-COMPLEX-T-12-1 12mm shelf life 1KG
FC-COMPLEX-T-20-1 20mm shelf life 1KG
FC-COMPLEX-TFR-15-5 15mm frozen 5KG
FC-COMPLEX-T-LIQ Re-hydration liquid – 500ml
FC-COMPLEX-T-DIP Concentrate dip – 100ml
FC-COMPLEX-T-FPOP-15 Fluro pop ups 15mm
FC-COMPLEX-T-POP-15 Food bait pop up 15mm
FC-COMPLEX-T-CKP-15 Cork ball pop up 15mm
FC-COMPLEX-T-CKF-15 Cork ball fluro pop up 15mm
FC-COMPLEX-T-HARD15 Hardened hookbait 15mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

Included with every FishSpy purchase is the FishSpy camera itself, a USB lead, one orange fin, one Foamy, one boom and the instruction and warranty information.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last 4 hours, streaming live video to your portable device whilst recording the footage at the same time.

How much footage can I record?

FishSpy has a built in hard disk that will hold up to 7 hours of video. The video can be transferred to any other device by a USB lead. Videos stored on FishSpy itself can be managed/ deleted via the FishSpy app or control screen.

Do I need an Internet or phone signal for FishSpy to work?

No. FishSpy generates its own wifi signal which your portable device receives. There is no need to have a phone signal or access to the internet.

How deep can FishSpy be submerged?

It's guaranteed to perform at depths of up to 10m.

Will FishSpy transmit via Wi-Fi when fully submerged?

No - once submerged, FisySpy will lose its wifi connection to your device (wi-fi signals cannot be transmitted through water).

N.B. Your recording will continue whilst FishSpy is submerged, and will be ready for you to view when you re-connect FishSpy to your device once it's resurfaced.

How much does FishSpy weigh?

It weighs 90 grams so about the same weight as a large marker float.

What warranty is provided?

For complete peace of mind all FishSpy cameras are supplied with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults or defects. As you would expect this warranty excludes any accidental damage including but not limited to (water ingress through failing to lock the cap correctly, excessive force when tightening the locking ring, impact damage with a hard surface such as a rock or tree) or through natural wear and tear. Please follow the instructions and take care of your FishSpy and accessories because we cannot accept responsibility from incidental or consequential damages caused by the misuse of the FishSpy products or the accessories.

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