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Whether you are after a Braided fishing line, Fluorocarbon or Mono you will be sure to find a line that suits your need. Our best sellers include Daiwa tournament braid, TF Gear Nantec Clear Mono and TF Gear Red mist line. Also see our huge range of sea fishing reels to hold you favourite mainline.
TF Gear Aftershock Leaders

TF Gear Aftershock Leaders

10 options from £5.99

The TF Gear Aftershock Leaders provides the strongest and safest link between mainline to lead.

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37 reviews

TF Gear Aftershock Tapered Leaders

TF Gear Aftershock Tapered Leaders


The TF Gear Aftershock Tapered Leaders allow you to create a very small neat knot between the leader and the mainline this is very important for distance casting.

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10 reviews

Sakuma Shock Leader

Sakuma Shock Leader

5 options from £6.15

The Sakuma Shock Leader is soft and strong with a low diameter.

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10 reviews

Ultima Powerflex Shockleader New Product

Ultima Powerflex Shockleader

£3.99 RRP £4.99

Powerflex Shockleader is very strong and safe with a very high knot strength, yet soft, supple and easy to use, and is the ultimate shockleader.

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13 reviews