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Whether you are after a Braided fishing line, Fluorocarbon or Mono you will be sure to find a line that suits your need. Our best sellers include Daiwa tournament braid, TF Gear Nantec Clear Mono and TF Gear Red mist line. Also see our huge range of sea fishing reels to hold you favourite mainline.
Berkley Whiplash Pro Braid

Berkley Whiplash Pro Braid

7 options from £26.99

The Berkley Whiplash Pro Braid is robust with an extremely low diameter and has been constructed using 100% Micro-Dyneema fibres.

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14 reviews

Spiderwire EZ Braid

Spiderwire EZ Braid

£14.99 RRP £29.99

Save £15.00

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22 reviews

Berkley Blaze Orange Braid

Berkley Blaze Orange Braid


The Berkley Blaze Orange Braid is known to fishermen all over the world as the line with Optimum Strength and very tight structure due to tight weave technology.

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no reviews

Berkley Fireline Braid

Berkley Fireline Braid

5 options from £35.99

The Berkley Fireline Braid has a new radial construction which gives it a strong, smooth, round profile for better ‘non-dig’ line-lay.

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3 reviews

Berkley Whiplash Crystal

Berkley Whiplash Crystal

£26.99 RRP £34.99

The Berkley Whiplash Crystal is made from 100% crystal-translucent micro-dyneema tightly woven to produce an even more angler-friendly line.

Save £8.00

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17 reviews

Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid

Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid


The ultra strong, non stretch properties of the Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid, enhances sensitivity for spinning and boat fishing.

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13 reviews

Daiwa Tournament Braid

Daiwa Tournament Braid

£39.99 RRP £43.99

The Daiwa Tournament Braid is an accudepth braid that is thinner and tougher than ever before.

Save £4.00

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8 reviews