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Braided line

Fishtec stock a range of Braided line, Ideal for carp anglers looking for ultimate sensitivity and stealthy presentation. Including braid such as TF Gear Banana Braid, Daiwa Tournament Braid, Whiplash Pro Braid from Berkley and Ron Thompson Hyperstrong. Don't forget to check out our range of Carp Fishing Reels.
TF Gear Spod & Marker Banana Braid

TF Gear Spod & Marker Banana Braid

2 options from £29.99

This TF Gear Banana Braid Line is thin and incredibly tough.

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54 reviews

Berkley Whiplash Pro Braid New Product

Berkley Whiplash Pro Braid

6 options from £29.99

Berkley Whiplash Pro is an established favorite for UK anglers.

Save up to £3

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3 reviews

Berkley Nanofil New Product

Berkley Nanofil


The Berkley Nanofil is the ultimate bass, trout, sea trout spinning braid.

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3 reviews

Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid

Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid


The ultra strong, non stretch properties of the Ron Thompson Hyper-Strong Braid, enhances sensitivity for spinning and boat fishing.

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21 reviews

Savage Gear Finesse HD4 Braid New Product

Savage Gear Finesse HD4 Braid


This Savage Gear Finesse HD4 Braid is woven from the highest quality PE fibres.

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no reviews

Daiwa Tournament Braid

Daiwa Tournament Braid


The Daiwa Tournament Braid is an accudepth braid that is thinner and tougher than ever before.

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10 reviews