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Airflo SLN Euro Nymph Line

Airflo SLN Euro Nymph Line


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Free Spirit CTX Carp Rods

Free Spirit CTX Carp Rods

13 options from £99.99

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Free Spirit CTX Creeper Rods

Free Spirit CTX Creeper Rods

2 options from £94.99

no reviews

Free Spirit E Class Gold Carp Rods

Free Spirit E Class Gold Carp Rods

11 options from £109.99

no reviews

Lenz Optics Sunglasses

Lenz Optics Sunglasses

8 options from £169.00

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Total Fishing Gear


Find fly fishing tackle to suit everyones budget with a wide range of tackle from top brands!


Carp fishing equipment to suit everyones needs with a wide range of tackle from all the leading brands!


A range of Match fishing equipment to suit everyones pockets from all the leading match fishing brands.


Sea fishing tackle from top brands at unbeatable prices from Fishtec!


Predator & spinner fishing tackle at unbeatable prices from Fishtec!

Welcome to Fishtec

Fishtec is the UK's largest mail order fishing tackle retailer. As well as our catalogues, we have a comprehensive online presence. We have a fantastic selection of products for all types of anglers, from fly fishing tackle, an extensive range of fishing reels and fishing gear for coarse angling. We offer great mail order discounts and online discounts, and have recently introduced a range of Sea Fishing tackle from all the leading brands. From fishing clothing to fishing bags, everything the angler needs can be found here at Fishtec - your one stop shop for fishing tackle.

Fishtec Voucher Codes and our Email Club

When customers sign up to the Fishtec Email Club, they will regularly receive special offers, Fishtec Voucher Codes, and great multi-buy deals across the Fishtec product range. We take customer privacy very seriously, and will never pass your details onto other companies. When you subscribe, you can even choose how often you want to receive our newsletters.

Fly Fishing Tackle

Fishtec offer a fantastic range of Fly Fishing Tackle from all the leading brands. Our range of fly fishing gear covers everything the fly angler will need to build a collection of quality, durable fly fishing equipment that will perform reliably for years to come. From rods to reels, lines to leaders, we have some great discounts and offers that are sure to catch the eye.

Coarse Fishing Tackle

Everything the angler needs to build a collection of coarse fishing tackle can be found at Fishtec. We have an extensive range of coarse fishing gear such as feeder rods, reels, fishing poles, seat boxes, a great bivvy range, quality fishing gear that's built to last and function superbly for years to come. No matter what fish you're aiming to catch, Fishtec's range of coarse fishing equipment has something for everyone.

Carp Fishing Tackle

Fishtec's range of Carp Fishing gear is second to none. We stock products from all the leading brands and manufacturers, and we have all the essential items that are part of any coarse angler's fishing equipment. Carp rods, carp reels, fishing bivvys, fishing boots, fishing clothing - all at Fishtec's discount prices, offering outstanding value for money.

Sea Fishing Tackle

Fishtec recently introduced our new range of Sea Fishing tackle. Everything you need to build a comprehensive collection of sea fishing equipment is present, and sea anglers will be left spoiled for choice. Sea fishing rods, fishing clothing, tools including everything you need for LRF and terminal tackle from all the major brands are here, at the discount prices Fishtec are known for.

Discount Fishing Tackle

Fishtec's prices are extremely competitive, but we like to take it that one step further. We offer a number of special offers such as buy one get one free on some of our range of fishing gear, along with money saving deals. Our Email Club has further savings and gives you access to exclusive special offers, and we have the Fishtec Discount Club, which offers a 10% saving on every order for both online and mail order shoppers (not to mention the great choice of free gifts you get when you join).

Mail Order Fishing Tackle

Fishtec offer a mail order service that's second to none. From the moment you place your order, our dedicated team starts working for you. We guarantee same day despatch on all orders placed before 12pm, and we offer a next day delivery service to ensure your fishing tackle arrives when you need it. Our website has live stock functionality so you can see at a glance if an item is available. Combine all this with a superb, award winning customer service, and you can see why Fishtec is the Number 1 mail order fishing equipment company in the UK. We guarantee complete satisfaction, the quickest, most efficient delivery and the very best mail order and online prices.

Fly Fishing Tackle, Gear and Equipment

Fishtec stock a wide range of Fly Fishing Tackle from a wide range of brands. We cover everything from rods to reels, lines, fishing clothes, to provide you with everything the modern fly angler needs.

Fly Rods

Our experts have painstakingly compiled a great range of fly rods for the fly anglers to help make the difficult selection process a little easier. We stock single handed and double handed fly rods from all the leading brands.

Fly Reels

Fishtec stock an extensive range of fly fishing reels for all forms of fly fishing, from cassette reels to large arbour reels.

Fly Lines

Our fly lines range includes all the standard types of lines, along with a great selection of specialist lines such as multi-tips, clear lines, etc. We stock lines from all the leading brands.

Waterproof Wading Jackets

Keeping dry when fishing is essential, and our collection of Waterproof Wading Jackets is designed to deal with bad weather while keeping you warm, letting you focus on your fishing.

Fishing Waders

Good waders are an essential piece of your fly fishing gear, and our range of Fishing Waders carry items from all the leading brands, made from a range of materials, to make your choice that much simpler.

Coarse Fishing Tackle, Gear and Equipment

Our range of Coarse fishing tackle has been built using the expert knowledge of our in-house anglers to ensure our customers have the widest, most relevant choice of coarse fishing gear for today's coarse angler.

Feeder Rods

Our collection of feeder Rods has been built to suit all your feeder fishing requirements, with best sellers from all the top brands.

Fishing Reels

We stock a great collection of fishing reels such as match reels, feeder reels and centre-pin reels, a range that includes models from all the leading manufacturers and brands.

Fishing Boots

Keeping your feet warm and dry on the riverbank is of paramount importance, so Fishtec have a selection of Fishing boots to make those long days on the water more comfortable.

Fishing Poles

Experience a rewarding and effective form of angling with a fishing pole. We have a fantastic range of fishing poles from all the leading brands.

Carp Fishing Tackle, Gear and Equipment

Featuring a range of carefully selected and tested products, our collection of Carp Fishing Gear has something for every carp angler, no matter what their level of skill, all at our great discounted prices.

Bait Boats

Bait boats can, without doubt, make life a great deal easier by letting you place your bait exactly where you want it. They can also add a dimension of fun to your fishing!

Bite Alarms

With a range of products with varying degrees of complexity, our collection of Bite Alarms covers the alarms themselves, alarm sets, and receivers, from all the leading brands.

Bivvy Range

Each of the bivvies in Fishtec's Bivvy range has been carefully selected to provide our customers with a wide range of choice to ensure they get the right bivvy for the job. Covering every requirement and budet, our bivvy range includes products from all the leading brands.

Carp Rods

Our range of Carp Rods has something for every carp angler, to suit every requirement.

Fishing Day Shelters

Protect yourself from the elements with one of our Fishing Day Shelters when fishing a day session. With models from all the leading brands, there's something here to suit any requirement.

Sea Fishing Tackle, Gear and Equipment

Fishtec's recently launched range of Sea Fishing Tackle has been carefully selected by our experts and rigourously tested to give our customers top quality, durable sea fishing gear at our outstanding discounted prices.


We have a wide range of sea fishing clothing to suit every need and budget, from fishing smocks and fishing jackets to floatation suits, from all the leading manufacturers.

Sea Fishing Rods

Our range of sea fishing rods includes models from all the leading brands and covers a wide range of lengths and casting weights to suit any eventuality.

Sea Fishing Reels

With a wide range of sea fishing reels to suit just about every situation and requirement, we've assembled a collection from all the top brands and manufacturers.

Light Rock Fishing

Our range of LRF equipment includes a selection of tackle from all the leading brands and covers a wide range of rods, reels and LRF lures to suit any eventuality.

Best Fishing Tackle Brands at Best Prices

Fishtec offer products from a wide number of brands across our fishing tackle ranges. All the leading brands are present, and each offers fantastic value for money. Whatever aspect of fishing you take part in - fly fishing, coarse fishing, carp fishing, specialist angling or sea fishing - we're able to provide you with the best fishing tackle available. We understand that anglers have different needs and preferences, which is why we strive to present our customers with the widest possible choice of fishing gear.

TF Gear Fishing Tackle

TF Gear understand coarse anglers and pride themselves on providing the very best fishing tackle for the job, accepting only the very best. The TF Gear brand is a culmination of years of work, not only developing the fishing gear but also testing and fine-tuning each product, on the riverbank. TF Gear's fishing equipment includes best selling items from the range of TF Gear Bivvies, TF Gear Carp Rods, TFG Carp Reels, and TF Gear Fishing Day Shelters.

Airflo Fishing Gear

Airflo are the world's premier manufacturer of fly fishing lines and continue to innovate with exceptional new products. Airflo's range is continually being added to and improved, so aside from the Airflo Fly Lines range, they have also produced some fine Airflo Fly Rods, Airflo Fly Reels, Aiflo waders, and also have a range of Airflo Fishing Clothing

Delkim Bite Alarms

With over 30 years experience in designing Bite Alarms and Visual Indicators, Delkim Bite Alarms are the number one choice for many anglers around the world. Incredibly reliable and versatile, Delkim Bite alarms, such as the Delkim TX-I Plus Bite Alarm offer unmatched sensitivity and controllability.

Greys Fishing Equipment

With a reputation for producing quality fishing tackle for both Carp and Fly anglers, Greys Fishing Tackle has a dedicated following amongst anglers. Solid and dependable products like their range of Greys Fly Rods, Greys Fly Lines and Greys Fly Reels are at the forefront, but Greys also have products in their Greys Fishing Bags and Greys Wading Boots collections.

Daiwa Fishing Equipment

Daiwa's products reflect their enthusiasm for angling, and Daiwa fishing gear is designed to improve your fishing experience. Fishtec stock a range of Daiwa Carp Reels and Daiwa Carp Rods. To compliment these in your carp fishing tackle, we also stock Daiwa Bivvies and Daiwa Fishing Day Shelters to make your time on the bank more comfortable.

Hardy Fishing Tackle

Hardy have a hard-won reputation for producing top quality fishing gear for the fly angler. Fishtec carry a range of Hardy Fishing Fleeces and Hardy Fishing bags. Of course, we also stock a range of excellent Hardy Fly Rods and Hardy Fly Reels.

Sage Fishing Tackle

Decades of innovation and design experience mean that each piece of Sage fishing gear pushes the boundaries of performance. Fishtec stock a wide range of Sage tackle, including Sage Fly Rods and Sage Fly Reels.

Shimano Fishing Gear

Shimano provide fishing tackle that covers a multitude of disciplines. Fishtec stock a great range of Shimano Carp Rods, Shimano Carp Reels, Shimano Feeder Rods and more.

Best Sellers

01. TF Gear Rigs - Just £0.99

02. Sightfree Generation 3 - 50m - Just £9.99

03. Silver, Black and Yellow Holo SW Fly - Just £2.00

04. Airflo Velocity Fly Lines - Just £24.99

05. Korda Ready Tied DF Rigs - Just £1.99

06. TF Gear Banshee 11-13' Allrounder Rod - Just £59.99

07. Silver and Blue Holo SW Fly - Just £2.00

08. TF Gear Bluestrike Rod - Just £39.99

09. Riverge Seamless Leader Rings - Just £1.99

10. Airflo Micro Poly Backing - Just £8.99

11. Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders 5' - Just £3.99

12. Airflo Airtec Fly Reel - Just £59.99

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